Conditions Of Use

SMB Incentive Terms and Conditions:

1. The KUDOS Incentive program was launched 1st July 2019.

2. Individual Sales Personnel (only) from B2B Platinum, Gold & Silver (only for Q4 2023 in the Middle East) Resellers and B2B Registered Distributors operating in the Middle East, Turkey & Africa region are invited to participate in this incentive program. Collective user profiles for multiple Partner staff members are prohibited; each individual KUDOS participant must have his/her own individual and unique KUDOS user profile in order to participate.

3. The following types of licenses are included in the incentive program: Add On, Base, Cross-Grade, Public Sector.

4. MSA products are considered Enterprise except for MSA, Start and MSA, Lite which are SMB.

5. Only B2B products approved internally by Kaspersky are considered. Services are not included in this incentive program.

6. Sales results will be evaluated based on delivered orders and credit notes during the incentive program in accordance with Kaspersky's sales internal reporting system.

7. Calculation will be based on Reseller/Distributor country.

8. The winners (Sales Personnel) are solely responsible for accounting to the relevant fiscal and/or revenue authorities for all taxes and other liabilities, charges and dues for which the winners are liable and the winner shall keep Kaspersky indemnified in respect of any claim or demand made by such authorities against the winners and/or Kaspersky in respect of the prize won by the winners hereunder.

9. If there is any violation of the license policy of Kaspersky, the participant will be withdrawn from the incentive. The license policy is available at your nearest Kaspersky office.

10. Kaspersky reserves the right to make changes to the incentive program rules during the incentive program period.

Personal Taxation Implications:

11. All Rewards payments are made to you in good faith as an individual taxpayer and are paid gross of tax. Earnings derived from incentives are classified in many territories as "additional income" and thus may well attract personal taxation. It is your own responsibility to be aware of any and all regulations and laws in your country of main residence surrounding this subject and, where required, declare this income to the relevant Tax Authorities in your personal annual tax return, as applicable. The Incentive Company (Pty) Ltd and/or Kaspersky will accept no liability for your failure to declare this income. An annual Tax Year statement of any rewards earnings paid to you under the Kaspersky KUDOS Incentive Program can be obtained by sending a request to:

Protection of Personal Information:

12. Any and all personal information that you provide to us as part of the Kaspersky KUDOS Program is held in a strongly-encrypted format and will never be sold to or shared with any third party by us.

Consent for Communication:

13. When consenting to comply with the Kaspersky KUDOS Program Terms and Condition, you hereby consent to receiving communications from The Incentive Company (Pty) Ltd and/or Kaspersky in respect of the Kaspersky KUDOS Program. You may be contacted by us by email, SMS, MMS, telephone or other social media types but only in regard to topics related to the Kaspersky KUDOS Program.

14. Your participation in the incentive program means full agreement with all the aforementioned conditions.

15. The Prize value will be given to winners as Gift Vouchers. The prize value will be awarded as KUDOS points which are redeemable against the catalogue available in Reseller/Distributor country. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

16. Any questions about participating in the action and claiming prizes can be addressed to